Saturday, August 7, 2010

You Think You're Cooler Than Me by Mike Posner

This song scares me. It's about a guy who sees a girl and is really attracted to her. She's ignoring him for whatever reason and he's angry about that.

you got designer shades just to hide your face and you wear them around like you're cooler than me. And you never say hey or remember my name. It's probably cuz, you think you're cooler than me.

Ok this woman is wearing sunglasses so obviously she thinks she's cooler than you. That makes sense. NOT! And if this woman doesn't remember your name, then she is not trying to tease you. She doesn't care about you. She's just not that into you!

I'll never forget my first real life experience with this. I have this male friend (Calling him John) who repeatedly asks me to send him erotic pictures of myself. We are not romantically involved and to be honest we barely speak in person. But our text conversation are always about sex. (not sexting, just talking about sex). Once I had dressed up for this guy I was interested in. I wore a short sleeve turtleneck out of lace and a pale orange cami underneath. I ran into John and he later texted me saying he thought my shirt was see-thru. I told him that was kind of the point. (I was trying to seduce this guy!) he told me that wasn't fair to him cause it's a tease. I don't get this. John is not and never has been the target of my desire so why did it effect him like that? Just like in the song, this girl doesn't even know his name, she's not interested in him. He's the one who's hung up, he should just get over it. I mean, why shouldn't i be able to dress up for a guy I like? Why do i have to worry about how my appearance effects every other man in the room?

One of my favorite essays is called Men on Rape by Tim Beneke. He interviewed men on the subject of rape. The interviewees said the scariest shit i've ever read.

When asked what they thought about sexy women in advertisements one man said, "It makes me hate them. As a man you're taught that men are more powerful than women, and that men always have the upper hand, and that it's a mans society; but then you see all these women and it makes you think 'jesus christ, if we have all the power how come all the beautiful women are telling us what to buy?' And to be honest, it just makes me hate beautiful women because they're using their power over me."

What exactly do you go through when you see a sexy, unavailable woman? " "I think 'Wow, I would love to make love to her,' but i know she's not really interested. It' a tease. A lot of times a woman knows that she's looking really good and she'll use that and flaunt it, and it makes me feel like she's laughing at me and i feel degreaded... It's a feeling of humiliation, because the woman has forced me to turn off my feelings and react in a way that i really don't want to... If i were actually desperate enough to rape somebody, it would be from wanting the person, but it would be a very spiteful thing, just being able to say 'I have power over you and i can do anything i want with you,' because i really feel that they have power over me by they're presence."

This is such bullshit! And i'm not being vain thinking I'm so hot that all men can't resist me. This is legitimately scary for all women. I mean it just takes that one guy to find you attractive and snap. Mike Posner is really scary. I can't believe he got this song on the radio. I can't remember where it is but there's this other essay about how the nice guy is the one that snaps because he's tired of finishing last. I'm afraid for whoever this song is about and I hope to god Posner never acts out violently on his insecurities.


  1. I found your blog through feministing and just wanted to say I agree with your post. I'm not sure if I've heard that song (I tend to avoid top 40 music) but I find that kind of attitude and sense of entitlement disturbing.

  2. I don't how I ran into this, but while I agree that guys like this need to get a life, there are a lot of women who for some reason think they are the center of universe. Me, when I see a woman, I'm wondering what's inside her head, not what's she's wearing. You can often tell by a person's facial expression what they are thinking. My impression is that many "good-looking"--or those who think they are--women have preconceived notions about what another person is thinking about them. You run into hundreds or thousands of people everyday, and almost all of them don't even give a damn if you are alive or dead, let alone want to get in your pants. Ever heard the saying "ships passing in the night?" This Posner guy isn't the only person who needs to "get a life."